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author/illustrator: Emmanuelle Grundmann/Maguelone du Fou

ages: 6+

32 pages

21 x 27,5 cm



Joséphine Baker and I

  • Let’s discover history through the eyes of an animal! A docu-fiction about Josephine Baker and her complicity with her cheetah, told by Chiquita herself.

    "I am a cat,
    a big cat.
    They call me Chiquita.
    Maybe because I am a cheetah.
    Maybe not.
    No one has ever explained to me why."

    In Paris in the 1930s, Josephine Baker, a black dancer born in the United States, had a huge success with the Revue nègre spectacle. At that time, she was given Chiquita, a cheetah that would scandalise, terrorise and fascinate those around her, while a fierce complicity developed between the woman and the feline.

    A poetic and colourful documentary, which highlights the complicity between an extraordinary woman and her animal. A new approach to the fascinating character of Josephine Baker, whose fight for the brotherhood of peoples was nourished by her love for all living beings.


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