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author/illustrator: Charlotte Klein

ages: 2+

24 pages

16 x 21  cm

Board book with golden foil on the front cover



Sold: Italian

Little Treasures - A look and find book of lovely things

  • A heart-shaped potato, a smiling biscuit, a bird's nest, a candy apple, a calendar with cats, a disco ball... These little things might seem insignificant, yet for kids and kids at heart they are life's wonderful gifts!


    You can look after these little treasures with Félix and Louison and enjoy the colourful and intricate scenes of the best moments life can offer throughout the ten spreads:

    - The fabulous vegetable garden picking
    - The play area
    - The afternoon at the library
    - Hide and seek in the forest
    - The super fun fair
    - The beach in Summer
    - Holidays in the mountains
    - Yard sale day
    - An afternoon at the swimming pool
    - The modern art museum

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