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author/illustrator: Pauline Payen, Zelda Pressigout

ages: 5+

40 pages

23 x 22 cm



Sold: Simplified Chinese, Russian, Italian, English



Mushrooms - Wildlife series

  • A comic-style non-fiction series with varied spread lay-outs to learn plenty of facts about wildlife. Neither animal nor plant… what are they? Discover these living beings and their amazing life cycle which, for the most part, takes place under our feet!


    The book presents the physiognomy of a mushroom as well as its relationship with its environment’s flora and fauna. At the end is a little detailed guide, with true-to-nature colours, for budding explorers who want to go mushroom picking.
    Perfect for nature lovers!


    Shortlisted for the Goût des sciences award (Cultura, La cité des sciences, le Musée d'Histoire naturelle et le ministère de l'éducation)



    Also available in this series: Weeds, Blobs and Seaweeds

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