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author: Lucie Lindemann

ages: 12+

272 pages



My Family, My Wacky Neighbour, and I

  • A heartwarming story of friendship between a teenager and an
    adult, each supporting the other through life's challenges. An utterly
    moving and positive debut novel.

    In Jeanne's home, the atmosphere is rather gloomy. Her parents no
    longer get along and have daily arguments. Her older sister, depressed after a breakup, announces her departure from the family home, leaving Jeanne with a strong feeling of abandonment. At 14, Jeanne views love as an undesirable emotion and filling her diary with three good things that have happened every day is not an easy task.

    But with the arrival of André, a new neighbour on the same floor, the
    horizon brightens. A friendship blossoms between this unique and
    caring flight attendant and the teenager. Gradually, a dialogue is restored between Jeanne and her father. And Ambroise, a classmate, becomes increasingly important in Jeanne's life.

    On Christmas Eve, a storm hits, and Jeanne finds herself alone. Initially desperate, she ends up sharing the evening with André and has an excellent time. The following Spring, when André loses his mother, it will be Jeanne's turn to do everything in her power to support her friend: she will give up a long-awaited school trip to England to accompany him to his hometown.

    Lucie Lindemann is a librarian. After a decade in Paris, she returned
    to her native Alsace, East of France, in 2020. She has always loved
    writing, starting with numerous personal diaries and then moving on to short stories until she dared to embark on writing a novel. Being fond of observing and listening to people, she mainly finds her inspiration in daily life.

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