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author / illustrator: Didier Lévy, Tiziana Romanin

ages: 5+

32 pages 

20.5 x 28  cm


Les Éditions des Éléphants


My Mother of Sea Ice

  • A delicate story tackling the emotions of being away from a parent.


    A young girl has an explorer for a mom and her mother takes a month-long trip to research and protect polar bears. My Mother of Sea Ice adventures into the emotions of a young girl as she misses, thinks fondly of, and worries for her mother alongside her father.


    Written in small, dated entries, this story places the reader into the shoes of a little girl filled with anticipation as she waits for the day of her mother’s return. While on her far away trip, her mother hides envelopes around her home for her daughter to find in her absence. What will each of them hold?



    “Separation is delt with delicately, in small touches. The father explains that she is not to blame: she is passionate about studying and protecting bears, and for that reason she is "amazing". This is an album full of tenderness. This story will be of great interest to children who have a parent who is away for a long time on business”. -  A fond la science magazine


    “Original and very tender, a magnificent album!”  - La grande parade magazine

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