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author/illustrator: Andrew J. Ross

ages: 3+

48 pages

22 x 30 cm




Oh Look, A Boat!

  • An inquisitive little mouse unwillingly finds himself in a drifting boat. A poetic and funny story.


    "Oh, look, a boat!" says the mouse. Curious, he climbs on board. Is it a pirates’ ship? An explorers’ boat? As he wonders, the boat drifts. And it is too late to get off. The mouse faces a waterfall, the sea, a storm, the fog.... He passes islands, pirates, liners...

    Finally, one day, the mouse finds himself back in front of his house. The refrain starts again for a humourous ending: Oh look, a boat! says a naive and inquisitive badger...


    Each picture with its simple graphic style and different atmosphere is like a painting.






    The Incredible Other Side

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