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author/illustrator: Cruschiform & Gazhole

ages: 7+ (or 5+ if playing with less cards)

14 x 21 cm

64 cards, a poster with all the characters

Maison Georges


Once Upon A Shape - Game

  • An innovative memory game: you can handicap the winner, help the loser or change the course of the game...

    The Story: Panic in the Kingdom of PointyStraightHard! Triangle,
    the royal couple's perfect daughter, has disappeared! From the castle towers to the old hut in the forest, you'll need to search every inch of the place! Squire, executioner, valet, servant... you'll have to look hard. And watch out for the traps set by the mischievous fairy...

    This memory game has magical powers! Some cards can be
    paired, others give you bonuses, while others create unexpected
    twists and turns, combining strategy and focus.

    The rules:

    › PEOPLE cards are to be assembled in pairs: a pair earns you 1 point.
    › PLACE cards give you bonus points: you earn up to 5 points if the
    places fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.
    › OBJECT cards: Be careful, they can change the course of the
    game with tricks and traps. For example, the "gear" card forces
    players to change places, while the "key" card allows pairs of
    opposing cards to be swapped...
    The twists and turns are full of surprise and laughter.


    Once Upon a Shape, the picture book has received the following award and media praise:


    • 2022 Sorcières award


    "Brilliant!" - Télérama

    “It’s full of poetry and very funny. [...] An utterly marvelous book, praising difference and non-standard.” - La Critique, France Culture

    “A demanding, funny and mischievous text, paired with illustrations of great beauty and rare intelligence.” - Mollat bookshop



    Marie-Laure Cruschi (alias Cruschiform) is a French illustrator based in Paris. Her work lies at the intersection of art, graphic design, illustration and typography. Sensitive to color and geometric modular designs, she enjoys experimenting with various graphic devices in playful, poetic and sometimes even didactic manners, creating narrative universes that are perpetually in renewal. Carried by the desire to question our ways of seeing the world, she has employed her sensibility towards serving the children’s literary community with several awards books. Her heightened visibility in cultural press reviews allowed her to gain international recognition through the years, and working with various luxury brands and cultural events.

    Gazhole is an author, illustrator and animator. He got his start as a colorist on an animated short film, then in different production studios. He frequently works for children publishing as well as for major brands and institutions.

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