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author/illustrator: Marie Novion

ages: 7+

52 pages

20 x 26 cm


Maison Georges

Panpi & Gorri - vol. 2: More Snacks, Less Tasks!

  • In this volume, Panpi and Gorri are more determined than ever to secure their rights, and when they create the Awesome League for the Rights of Puppies, they meet new accomplices!


    With chiseled and witty dialogues, this album compiles 16 stories, featuring: Panpi’s new sneakers, Gorri the king of slackers, but also a cooking class, and the invention of the Pizza Supersonic, a pizza-teleporting machine that cooks and delivers at the same time!

    “Thanks to their whimsy, boldness, and logic, Panpi and Gorri turn their everyday life into an field of adventure. A must-have for mischievous minds, and a recommandation to all others.”
    - Le Monde


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    Marie Novion: an author and an illustrator for the press and children’s publishing houses, Marie grew up in the Basque Country. She left when she was 20 years old to study at the École de l’image in Épinal, and then pursued her artistic education at Saint-Étienne’s beaux-Arts. She then settled in Lyon, where she co-created Maison Komiki, a publishing house for a collective comic-book magazine.


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