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author: Aymeric Jeanson

ages: 10+

250 pages


Simon, Invisible Boy

  • Simon's talent is to make himself inconspicuous, to become invisible.


    His family has just moved to the countryside, for his sister's health. Simon is used to gratuitous nastiness, and is worried about his first day at school. Rightly so, as he will soon meet Mountain, whose real name is Brice, and his sidekicks who make him their punchbag. But he will also meet Gwen, a litte guy with a dark shock of hair who will take his defense. And who will turn in fact to be a girl, the daughter of the sports teacher...

    English summary and excerpt available

    “A rich vocabulary, a studied syntax, a very good read for teenagers. Shyness, harassment, sensitivity, friendship and trust: those themes are addressed in a simple way by Jeanson. It grabs you right away."

    - La Bouquinette bookshop (Strasbourg)


    "A novel filled with emotions, with strong characters." 

    - Okapi



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