illustrator: Nicolás Schuff, various illustrators

ages: 1+

16 pages

15 x 15 cm

board books


The Four Friends' Fanciful Days - series

  • A fun collection of story books to spend the day with each of these four fanciful friends who enjoy life to the fullest.


    - Tantalio Toloso, ill. by Joaquín Camp 

    Tantalio Toloso is an old fellow! Sometimes he waves to planes and sings them songs. 

    - Nina Nené, ill. by Pablo Luebert

    Nina Nené gets up when the birds first begin to sing. How much can she get done in a single day?

    - Nicolón Nicolasito, ill. by Pablo I Elías

    Very slowly, Nicolón Nicolasito climbs the mountain. What adventures await him on the slopes?

    - Loli Lamar, ill. by Pupé Pereyra

    Loli Lamar loves to dance. She dances with friends and when she's on her own, in the park and when she's at home.