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author/illustrator: Sophie Guerrive

ages: 6+

56 pages

19 x 27 cm



The Friends Club 3

  • The coldness of winter has suddenly fallen upon the Friends Club, with only a very poor cabin as a haven. Suddenly stuck in the snow, they have no real shelter. Tulip, Crocus and Violet therefore go looking for another house, through the dark and cold woods,
    and find refuge in a cave. It’s not very reassuring, especially since a big scary bear lives there and forces them to flee into the forest. The friends separate without meaning to and Tulip disappears, once again!


    With the help of Spring, the sky clears up, the hills emerge, and a
    house appears in the distance. Violet and Crocus master up courage, go knock on the door, and discover Tulip! The three friends hug, but Tulip is no longer quite the same: she does not want Violette and
    Crocus to return to the house. Could this be the end of the Friends Club?


    This time, seeing them grow and move away from the nest, the
    reader will be seized with deep concern. Just like watching real children grow up.


    • Volume 1: Winner of the 2021 Angoulême FIBD award, 8-12 years category
    • 3 volumes available in the series
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