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author / illustrator: Lidia Brankovic

ages: 4+

32 pages 

21 x 29.7 cm




Sold in 17 languages incl. Dutch, German, Polish, Croatian, Russian, Estonian.


Rights for: Dutch, French, German, The Baltics and Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and Russia


The Grand Hotel of Feelings

  • Welcome to the Grand Hotel of Feelings, where all kinds of feelings come and stay.


    Every guest has unique needs.

    Anger, for example, is very loud and needs plenty of space to scream and shout. Sadness speaks in a small voice and occasionally floods the bathroom. Gratitude likes wandering about in nature; you never know when she might come and sit by your side.

    Some feelings are big and some are small, some are fun and some are tricky, but no feeling is ever turned away. At the Grand Hotel of Feelings, there is room for everyone!


    A beautiful and imaginative title that brings the difficulties of emotional management to life with warmth, humour and a touch of Wes Anderson.


    "Sadness for example, is very messy. He is always flooding the bathroom. Sometimes Sadness even leaks through the room below. When Sadness comes to stay, I have to be very quiet, because Sadness speaks in a small voice. If I don't listen carefully, I won't hear what Sadness is telling me and then he will stay for a very long time."


    "Quirky and expressive social-emotional learning" - Kirkus Review




    Circus of Shadows

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