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author/illustrator: Steffie Broccoli

ages: 3+

64 pages

21 x 28 cm


Maison Georges

Sold: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Turkish

Tell Me! My First Discoveries

  • Tell me about the wind, music, the five senses or little insects! “What is it?”, “why?”, “what’s it for?”… It’s not always easy to answer children's many questions simply!

    26 themes explained in a way young kids from the age of 3 can relate to, with joyful illustrations. An illustrated hand on each page invites the child to read the explanations and explore the illustrations, following a path. The numbered steps help guide readers move forward, or backward, at their own pace. They can take the time to name, repeat, explain and discuss things with their parents. There are strong visual cues, such as the hand, the winding line and the numbers, throughout the book.

    A shared and interactive reading experience, as the child decides what they want to discover by following the path with their finger. The three-colour graphic design makes each spread harmonious and attractive. An ingenious book that parents and children can enjoy together, even if the child doesn’t know how to read alone yet.

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