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author/illustrator: Magali Attiogbé/Olivia Cosneau

ages: 0+

18 pages

17 x 17 cm

board book with die-cuts

Rights sold in 11 languages

My Little Nature - series

  • Full of surprises to be discovered under the die-cuts, this series with short sentences is perfect for the very young to discover nature and their favourite animals, with soft and joyful illustrations.

    18 titles available in the series:

    ill. by Magali Attiogbé: Tortoise, Hen, Bear, Hedgehog, Mouse, Cat, Owl, Rabbit, Leaf, Ladybird, Bee, Ant, Squirrel, Snail.

    ill. by Olivia Cosneau: Frog, Bird, Apple Butterfly.

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