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author: Côme d'Onnio

ages: 9+

110 pages


The True Story of Snow White

  • A modernised version of the tale, addressing with humor the contemporary topics of animal welfare, labour exploitation, women’s rights and implicit patriarchal domination.


    “Thought you knew it all about Snow White’s story, her step-mother, the poisoned apple, Prince Charming’s kiss? But would you be silly enough to bite into the apple gifted by a witch? No! Then why would Snow White be more naive than you? And why should she wait for some guy on his horse to come into the forest where he has nothing to do? And the fact that the prince kisses a sleeping girl without asking for her opinion, does that seem normal to you?” - Côme D’Onnio.

    A hilarious book.



    "What would a modern-day Snow White story be? A witch managing a veggie foodtruck and Snow-White an entrepreneur in diamonds... a tasty mix, both committed and hilarious!" (Estelle, Le Forum du livre bookshop, Rennes)


    "... a new receipe for the famous tale, with modern ingredients: Snow White as a business woman, a witch with a foodtruck and a Prince that does not save but gets saved! It is so funny and terribly good!" (La Cabane bookshop, Gien)


    "A modern, hilarious and corrosive version of Snow White" (Les Jolies Pages bookshop in Nantes)

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