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author / illustrator: Samantha Cora, Rosie Eve

ages: 4+

40 pages 

19.7 x 25.4  cm



Tra publishing, US

Waverly Braves the Breeze: The Story of a Galapagos Albatross

  • When island breezes arrive, albatross chicks know it’s time to fly away and say, “¡Adiós!” But Waverly isn’t ready to leave the Galápagos. Worry keeps this seabird grounded until Waverly, with the help of her new friends, finds the courage to take off and explore the open ocean for the first time.


    Set on Española Island in the Galapagos and based on the real-world life cycle of the waved albatross, "Waverly Braves the Breeze" follows the process of fledgling, where upon turning six months albatross must fly and leave home to spend years at sea.


    With a highly-detailed setting and a host of animals that are true to the place, small readers are invited to learn about an unusual nook in the real world. 


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