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author/illustrator: Coralie Saudo, ill. Jessica Das / Camille Ferrari

ages: 3+

40 pages

22 x 24 cm

Hardback, tabs on the right pages


Sold: Catalan, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Spanish

Once Upon Your Time series

  • A fun interactive fairy tales series: The readers put themselves in the shoes of the fairy tale protagonists and "rewrite" the story as they please.

    On each spread, they can make a choice that determines what happens next, and find the corresponding page thanks to the tab system.

    4 titles available

    What If You Were Goldilocks?
    What If You Were Jack with the Magic Beans? (2023)

    What If You Were The Eldest of the Three Little Pigs?
    What If You Were the Little Red Riding Hood?

    Will Little Red Riding Hood eat the cake alone?
    Will she share it with the wolf, or bring it to her
    grandmother? Will she be smarter than the wolf?


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