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author/illustrator: Adèle Combes

ages: 1+

24 pages

18 x 18  cm

Board book with 5 pantones



Where Are You Going, Little Sunshine?

  • Little Sunshine shines all day long, but when night falls... Where are you going, Little Sunshine? A joyful and poetic bedtime board book to welcome night time and look forward to the next day.

    This bright toddlers’ book tries to give answers to the question a little boy asks himself every day behind his window. What happens to the sun when it disappears, and where does it hide?


    "Maybe Little Sunshine dives into the deep ocean, amidst fish and white sand?
    When Little Sunshine is very tired, maybe it rolls towards its house to go to bed?
    What if Little Sunshine was afraid of the dark and took refuge by the great lighthouse?..."

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