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author/illustrator: Atelier Sage

ages: 1+

16 pages

20 x 28  cm

Board book with flaps

Strawberry colour Pantone


Where Are You, Lili?

  • Lili the little hamster has disappeared in the house… Where could she be hiding?


    Your mission is to find the tiny creature in this board books filled with more than 80 images and 25 flaps, whilst exploring different parts of the house: the pantry, the wardrobe, the satchel, the toy box, the garage, and the garden!

    A tender and colourful vocabulary book with flaps to lift and a lovely pop-up in the end with a moving element to play hide and seek with Lili one last time!


    By ATELIER SAJE i.e. Ariane Grenet and Emma Giuliani. As an author and illustrator, Emma has published many artfully designed books such as Voir Le Jour (Bologna Ragazzi Opera Prima).




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