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author/illustrator: Eva Offredo

ages: 8+

96 pages

18.5 x 25 cm

hardback, headband

Maison Georges

Sold: Italian, German

Yahho Japan!

  • Do you know the traditional recipe for soba noodles? Do you know that broken objects can come back to life and that mosses picked up in the  forest have extraordinary powers? Travel from the North to the South of the Japanese archipelago, and meet 8 strong and passionate women, living their childhood dreams through their work.


    Tsuyu is a miller. She grows buckwheat to make Soba noodles. Chawan gives broken objects a new lease of life, using the Kintsugi method. Uchimuzu is a scientist who collects moss and studies it…

    Farming, repairing, making, studying, healing, fighting, questioning… Whatever their job is, these 8 Japanese women enjoy completing their daily tasks with a great deal of humility. Through these profiles, Eva Offredo gracefully and subtly portrays an authentic and modern Japan, far from the usual clichés. She embarks the reader on a wonderful journey alongside courageous and inspiring women. An ode to simplicity and happiness, and an immersion into Japanese culture.​


    • 2022 Sorcières Award - Non-Fiction
    • 2023 BRAW Amazing Bookshelf (Bologna Book Fair)


    "In a pure Japanese style, with changing monochrome flat colors at each chapter, the author brilliantly renews the genre of graphic reporting and manages to captivate beyond generations." - Télérama


    "This very beautiful book takes you on a journey to discover Japan through the very beautiful stories of Japanese women." - Marie-Claire Enfants


    "Mixing non-fiction book, art book and committed picture book, Yahho Japan! is a beautiful graphic book to share" - M'Lire Bookstore

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