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author/illustrator: Yael Frankel

ages: 3+

32 pages 

19 x 27cm



At Your Side

  • A simple story about how amazing and wonderful it is to watch our children grow.


    This mother remembers sweet memories about her child and her and is amazed at how her child has evolved. Is the child the only one who has changed at his mother's side? "And although we have forgotten to measure me, I have grown at your side, too." - she simply and tenderly ends.


    A positive and moving book about time passing by, growing up, motherhood and memories.


    Yael Frankel has received many awards, including: 


    - White Raven 2015, A simple vista, Chile
    - Finalist in 2016 for Silent book contest, Italy
    - Selected in 2017, Bologna book fair Illustrators exhibition
    - Best picturebook 2017, Ibby Argentina "Contame más"
    - First award illustration 2019, Sharjah Children Festival
    - White Raven 2020, El ascensor, Argentina
    - Fundación cuatrogatos award 2021, El ascensor
    - USSBY 2021 outstanding books, The elevator, US
    - Nami concours 2021, green Island prize, El ascensor
    - 2022 Bologna Ragazzi award special mention, Fiction, "¿Qué tiene un bosque?"
    - 2023 Bologna Ragazzi award, Ficion "Todo lo que pasó antes de que llegaras"

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