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Author/illustrator: Celina Ka Wing Lau


Neon pink pantone

36 pages

31 x 22 cm

Ages: 3+


Tra publishing, US


Rights represented for Dutch, French, German, The Baltics and Scandinavia, Eastern Europe



Betty's Birthday

  • It’s Betty’s sixth birthday! There will games and pizza making and cake. Can you help Betty have the best party ever?


    Betty is turning six today. She’s going to have a great big party, but which of her incredible outfits should she choose? And where has she put her glasses?


    This is a delightful interactive picture book, in which young readers are asked to find, choose, count, discuss and otherwise engage with the silly, hyper-detailed illustrations of party games, dance competitions, pizza-making and goody bags.


    Some unexpected narrative twists and turns pack each page with lols that will delight young readers and their grown-ups alike.

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