author/illustrator: various

ages: 7+

48 pages

13.7 x 21 cm



The Lives of Great Historical Figures Told to Children

  • This series tells the livs of great figures to children, with beautiful illustrations and a dynamic style to make them get to know these fascinating characters, and through them, parts of History.


    Alexander, The Conqueror


    author/illustrator: Jean-Luc Langlois/Daniele Catalli


    The fascinating life of Alexander the Great, one of the most famous figures from Antiquity, and one of the greatest conquerors in history. Thanks to the beautiful illustrations and the lively style, children will enjoy getting to know this character and through him, a piece of History.

    Also available in the series "Great Historical Figures told to Children": Buddha, Calamity Jane, Cleopatra, Electre, Orpheus.


    Bouddha, The great Wise Man


    author/illustrator: Vanina Marchetti/Clémence Pollet


    « Siddharta wouldn’t leave his apartments, an huge distress had engulfed his soul. Night and day, a thousand questions and a thousand doubts assailed the prince. He couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat, wouldn’t speak with anyone. He was thinking. Trying to find a meaning to all this. »

    The new title in "The Lives of Great Figures Told to Children" series, including Orpheus, Calamity Jane, Cleopatra, Electre, with livly text and stylish illustrations to introduce famous historical characters to children in a lively way.