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author/illustrator: Gilles Baum, Amandine Piu

ages: 3+

44 pages

22.5 x 28 cm



Sold: Italian, Galician, Greek, Spanish, Korean

C'mon Grandma

  • With delicate humour both in words and images, this picture book tells the story of a child who discovers the secret of her grandma, a tricky character with a tender heart. 

    A grandmother decides it’s time for her granddaughter to learn to ride a bike without the training wheels. After a few tumbles and a minor melt down, the child succeeds.


    The following night, the little girl thinks about the covert tears she saw spilling down her grandmother’s cheeks, and suddenly she knows what she must do – teach her granny to ride her grandfather’s old bicycle, with training wheels.


    "A picture book full of tenderness, both moving and funny, about the relationship between different generations and the importance of following your dreams, at any age. And a perfect story for all those who are in love with cycling!" - Giulia Genovesi, Terre di Mezzo, Italy


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