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author/illustrator: Sophie Guerrive

ages: 1+

24 pages

12 x 12cm

Board book with round corners



Crocus - series

  • The life of a young child is not easy every day... and actually it neither is for his mum who sometimes doesn't really know which way to turn! These tender and humourous daily scenes with Crocus the fearful snake deal with big and small issues of everyday life.


    Sophie Guerrive continues to expand the universe of the bear Tulipe: whether it is for adults, in the main series Tulipe, or for young readers with awarded The Friends Club, Sophie Guerrive always hits the mark! She knows better than anyone how to guide our gaze towards these little things that are right in front of us, but that we had missed. Comforting for every parent who knows the perfect parent doesn't exist, delightful for kids thanks to Crocus' mischief.


    6 available titles:

    • Crocus Likes Noises - Vol. 1
    • Crocus and the Monsters - Vol. 2
    • Crocus and the Poop - Vol. 3
    • Crocus and School - Vol. 4
    • Crocus is Punished - Vol. 5
    • Crocus and the Vegetable - Vol. 6





    "A taste for absurd humour, a great delicacy tinged with melancholy, a compendium of philosophical and existential thoughts... Guerrive has a unique talent for observing details - about things, about people" - Le Monde, about her exhibition, France





    Sophie Guerrive was born in 1983 in Marseille (France) and studied art in Aix-en-Provence then illustration in Strasbourg. She took part in various newspapers, magazines, fanzines. Since 2007, she has published several comic and illustration books. Besides her short and minimalistic stories influenced by comic strips like Peanuts or Mafalda, she also works on larger and very detailed drawings inspired by medieval illumination, oriental miniatures or Japanese prints. Her stories are often tinged with adventure and absurd humour, and feature her favourite themes: the marine world, initiatory journeys, the ancient and medieval periods, and visual and narrative symbolism.


    She received the prestigious FIBD Angoulême award for her children's comics series The Friends Club, published by 4048.





    The Friends Club

    Dinosaur Detective Is Always There

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