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author/illustrator: Sophie Guerrive

ages: 7+

72 pages

21.5 x 21.1 cm 



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: French, Korean, Dutch, Russian

Dinosaur Detective Is Always There

  • In this early introduction to comics for kids, Dinosaur Detective goes on five beautifully detailed adventures in Sophie Guerrive’s masterful style.


    In a series of five subtly interlinked adventures, all equally funny, Dinosaur Detective is called for help and uses his skills to save his friends: cows in a panic, birds too heavy to fly, sheep that were kidnapped and brought to the Moon, a neighbor who is trapped in the world’s deepest cave, and a giraffe who has lost her crown.


    Fall under the spell of the absurd, outrageous humor of Dinosaur Detective!





    “In this collection of zany stories, there’s magic from the very first panel. The rounded lines are highlighted by bright colors and a playful text, suggesting a universe where everything is possible, as long as you have the imagination — and Mosquito is full of it!” — Télérama





    Sophie Guerrive was born in 1983 in Marseille (France) and studied art in Aix-en-Provence then illustration in Strasbourg. She took part in various newspapers, magazines, fanzines. Since 2007, she has published several comic and illustration books. Besides her short and minimalistic stories influenced by comic strips like Peanuts or Mafalda, she also works on larger and very detailed drawings inspired by medieval illumination, oriental miniatures or Japanese prints. Her stories are often tinged with adventure and absurd humour, and feature her favourite themes: the marine world, initiatory journeys, the ancient and medieval periods, and visual and narrative symbolism.





    The Friends Club series

    Crocus series


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