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author/illustrator: Phil Wrigglesworth

ages: 10+

Concertina book, 7-panel panoramic scenes (double-sided)

21.4 x 33.4 cm (folded out length 1.4 m)


Viction Viction`

Day and Night Metropolis

  • The sun rises and the sun sets. And the sun rises again. What happens in between? Does a city sleep at night? Take a look at how different the world can be in day and at night, and venture through the sweepingly detailed panoramic view of the city. Sign up for the treasure hunt and challenge yourself with character quests and a sea of amusing objects to find, while learning about life in varying locations at distinctive points of a day. Charge up the night scene under the light and let the city come to life as it glows in the dark! With over 200 things and characters hiding around building blocks and busy streets, the first edition of Day & Night: Metropolis will take you on an epic 24-hour adventure running through the world and bright city lights. 


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