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author/illustrator: Oriane Smith,  Alice Gravier

ages: 4+

40 pages

31 x 24 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Simplified Chinese, French, Korean, Complex Chinese, English

Days Like This

  • A unique look (or two!) at mindfulness and how we view the world around us


    An average day can be just that: average. But it can also be extraordinary and full of surprises, if we’re mindful of the world around us.


    In Days Like This, we witness the peaks and valleys of everyday life through two different narrative voices.


    The tiniest detail or the most fleeting moment can look quite different, depending on your perspective! 



    "Intricate illustrations portray shifting perspectives in this moving picture book about the interconnection of humans and nature. Loving attention is given to every strawberry seed and flower petal in this ode to the natural world — and humanity’s place in it."— Foreword Reviews



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