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author / illustrator: Philippe Nessmann, Cristel Espié

ages: 10+

32 pages 

23 x 33 cm



Les Éditions des Éléphants



Do You Remember Marianne?

  • Philippe Nessmann brings the brave Resistance fighter Marianne Cohn back to life.

    Through a moving letter written to Marianne, he recounts her childhood in Berlin with a German Jewish family, her adolescence overshadowed by the rise of Nazism, her exodus to Spain and then France, and her entry into the Resistance at the age of eighteen. Until her arrest in May 1944, she hid Jewish children and provided them with false documents. She saved more than 200 children from the Nazis. She was assassinated two months after she was arrested by the Germans with 30 Jewish children she was trying to get to safety. The children were spared.


    Christel Espié’s masterful illustrations make this book a classic..

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