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author/illustrator: Camille Pintonato

ages: 3+

48 pages

24.7 x 26.9 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: French (world), English (world), Korean

Full Moon

  • A comforting rhyming story aboutthe beauty of nature’s spectacles, tailor-made for bedtime.


    It’s the night of the full moon. Little grey bunnies are busying themselves in the twilight. Raccoons, foxes, partridges, and mice, come quickly over here!


    The moment has finally arrived. The sky is glittering with dozens of lanterns. It’s brilliant, beautiful, and bright. And right there, in front of our eyes, the moon shines in a thousand lights!


    Let’s gaze at this phenomenon that happens once every month!



    • Finalist for the Quebec Booksellers' Award 2023, Children 0-5 years category
    • Finalist at The Silent Book Contest (Bologna Bookfair 2020)
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