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author / illustrator: Nadine Mouchet & Valérie Combes, ill. by Violaine Leroy

ages: 6+

36 pages

17 x 23 cm


Sold: Spanish (South Am.), Simp. Chinese, Estonian

Girls and Boys

  • Tell me about love series



    A book that helps answer the questions young people ask themselves during childhood.



    Organized in 4 chapters: Body, Private Life, Family, Boys and Girls, this book asks children about their lives and how they feel. It gives them some advice on how to grow up.


    "Written by a journalist and a clinical psychologist, each book adapts to the knowledge and the perceptions of the reader. The vocabulary, the design, and the format - with tab, for an easy access to each different chapter - and even the layout vary according the child's age. A well achieved series, that replies clearly to great questions and can be used as a basis for talks between parents and children." (Nantes livres Jeunes)

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