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author/illustrator: Sylvie Misslin/Amandine Piu

ages: 3+

44 pages

23 x 32 cm

hardcover with tabbed pages


Sold: Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Little Knights!

  • 32 possible plots, 2 humourous endings! Lively and hilarious interactive reads for all children who love to make decisions by themselves.


    On each spread, you can choose between two options and read the corresponding following page thanks to a tabs and pictograms system.


    In this fourth title, two little knights are looking for a little girl dressed in red and live plenty of funny adventures with encounters that might ring a bell to young readers.


    Pepin and Eleanor indeed meet: a group of 7 funny little guys, a quite crafty cat wearing large boots, a little pig in a straw house, an old lady carrying a basket filled with mouth-watering apples…


    When the two little knights finally find the little girl and bring her back to her grandmother, the feared encounter happens…

    Series sold in 13 languages



    Yoo-yoo! Prince Charming? (US edition title: Princesses' adventures)

    Wahiohio... What is this strange cry?

    Head for the Treasure of Dreadful Z

    El Pais (Spain) - selection of 2021 best picture books


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