author/illustrator: Sylvie Misslin/Amandine Piu

ages: 3+

44 pages

23 x 32 cm

hardcover with tabbed pages


Sold: Italian, Dutch, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Finnish

Head for the Treasure of Dreadful Z!

  • An interactive picture book series featuring tabbed pages that showcase bold and easy-to-read icons that readers will love to point to! They will delight in the fun decision-making and multiple story possibilities in this playful and engaging series.

    « If you find this message, come quickly to the Island of Parrots. There is a surprise for you there. » Jack and Mary have just found this message in a bottle. How exciting, off they go! To find the island they can use many means: swimming, sailing, paddle boat or trying to hold strongly a peace of wood… not that easy when there’s a storm! On their way they meet a giant octopus, jellyfishes, a whale, divers, a trawler captain, penguins, but also sea-wrack and a moutain of rubbish.

    Which ways will the readers choose to discover who Dreadful Z is and what surprise is waiting for them?


    El Pais (Spain) - selection of 2021 best picture books


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