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Author and illustrator: Vincent Doumeizel, Lilately

Ages: 5+

21 x 27.5 cm

32 pages 



La Cabane Bleue éditions



How Seaweed Can Save the World

  • A fascinating dive into the world of seaweed and theirincredible powers.


    They were born 1.5 billion years ago, can be red, green or brown and cover a large part of the earth... they are seaweed!


    These still unknown vegetables, which have incredible capabilities, offer undreamt-of alternatives to replace nonrenewable resources, feed humans or even reverse global warming!


    By Vincent Doumeizel, a United Nations advisor, author of acclaimed and awarded The Seaweed Revolution.





    Vincent Doumeizel is a Senior Advisor on Oceans to the UN Global Compact, and also agrifood Director at the Lloyd's Register Foundation. He is the author of the acclaimed "Seaweed Revolution", published by éditions des Équateurs, winner of the La Science se livre 2023 prize and a finalist for the Prix du Livre Environnement 2022. He campaigns for seaweed to be better considered in solving the climate and food crisis. He describes himself as an "optimistic world citizen supporting the food revolution and oceanbased solutions, notably seaweed, for many years trying to address some of the World's challenges..."


    A graduate in environmental architecture, Lilately is also an illustrator and co-founder of a Franco-Japanese restaurant. She likes to use art to address issues that are close to her heart, particularly ecology and raising awareness of climate issues.


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