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author: Céline Gourjault

ages: 10+

128 pages



Inishbofin's Ghost

  • Suspense, mystery, a revenant on a small Irish island… a perfect novel for readers who like to shudder!

    Sidonie, her cousins and their fathers land on the small island of Inishbofin in Ireland to spend their holiday. On the program: bike rides, fishing parties and board games.

    But in the small house they have rented for the week, the kids witness strange phenomenons: every night, at midnight, in the empty living room, the piano’s keys move. Peter, one of the island’s fisherman, confides to the vacationers Marie’ sad story: she used to live in this house, and was murdered during her wedding day by a rejected admirer. Since then, Marie has been haunting the house…

    Is a ghost actually haunting the place?

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