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author / illustrator: Soyung Lee

ages: 4+

48 pages 

23 x 30.7 cm



Les Éditions des Éléphants

Sold: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Spanish (Spain), Swedish, Complex Chinese

It's Alright, Dear Toad

  • A sensitive and powerful picture book that explores the feeling of possessiveness with tact, and looks at what happens when it goes too far.


    Once upon a time, there were two toads who were very good friends despite being very different. White Toad was outgoing and cheerful, Red Toad was a loner and a homebody. Red Toad is growing tired of sharing his friend with all of White Toad’s other pals until one day, things get out of hand and Red Toad throws a rock at White Toad, shouting “Go away!”.


    As White Toad is injured and rushed to the hospital, Red Toad is consumed by guilt… But when the kind and understanding White Rabbit comes along, Red Toad manages to let go of his sadness and forgive himself.



    • 2021 Millepages award





    Soyung Lee was born in Seoul in 1980 and spent several years in Paris studying at the École Olivier de Serres. After graduating with an applied arts degree, she published several picture books in Korea and France, where she is recognised as a talented new illustrator and storyteller. She currently lives in Korea.





    Live a Little, Mole

    • A wonderful and tender story showing that accepting chance doesn't mean that your life and destiny will get away from you.
    • Sold in korean.


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