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author / illustrator: Soyung Lee

ages: 5+

52 pages 

25 x 30 cm


Les Éditions des Éléphants

Sold: Korean


Live a Little, Mole

  • Letting yourself be carried along by chance and encounters can change the course of a lifetime!


    Mole works hard on his land, hoping to grow the most beautiful carrots in the world. Lucane is a renowned psychiatrist who spends his days listening to everyone else's problems. Neither of them is happy. Just when Mole is feeling discouraged, he meets Lucane by chance. Walking under the moonlight, the new friends tame each other, get away from the hassles of their lives, taste risk and discover themselves, starting a great friendship.


    A wonderful and tender story showing that accepting chance doesn't mean that your life and destiny will get away from you. On the contrary, it can enable you to free yourself from what hinders you, so that you can better fulfill your life.


    Also by Soyung Lee:


    It's Alright, Dear Toad


    • Millepages award

    sold: Korean, Italian, Spanish, Simp. Chinese, Swedish


    A sensitive and powerful picture book that subtlty deals with feelings of possessiveness and guilt.

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