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author/illustrator: Matthias Picard

ages: 5+

52 pages

24 x 34 cm

Tree Pantone© colours, 3D (blue and red) glasses included 



sold: English (world), Portuguese (Portugal), Polish, Spanish, German, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, French (Canada), Portuguese (Brazil)

Jim Curious and the Jungle Journey

  • This wordless picture book follows a boy’s jungle adventures in breathtaking 3-D illustrations. In Jim Curious and the Jungle Journey, a young boy goes on an adventure in an old-fashioned diving suit. After waking up in bed (or is he really awake?), Jim walks through a mirror and into a shallow swamp that leads to a mysterious island.

    There, in the jungle, he encounters snakes, monkeys, and a giant turtle, as well as some creepy-crawly creatures, before discovering an ancient abandoned temple deep in the heart of the jungle.

    This second volume was conceived as a mirror image of the first journey, which depicted a dive beneath the water’s surface to the very depths of its abysses. This time, Jim Curious would start on the surface and hike to the top of a rocky isle. Once again, he would travel through time, but in the other direction: from the past to the present.

    This voyage takes him through dark forests, impenetrable jungles, swamps full of fearsome and fascinating creatures—passing by, along the way, ever more unmistakable evidence of humankind’s
    impact on nature.



    "Readers will find themselves flipping back and forth to revisit particularly memorable images: vine-enshrouded pyramids rising high above the forest; Jim placidly walking toward them as an enormous tortoise looms behind. As before, Jim is entirely enclosed in what looks like a heavy antique diving suit, his pale, smiling visage visible through the face shield. A visual gimmick to be sure, but it’s put to particularly effective use." - Kirkus Review

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