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author/illustrator: Matthias Picard

ages: 4+

52 pages

24.5 x 34 cm

Tree Pantone© colours, 3D (blue and red) glasses included 



Sold: German, Polish, Russian, Spanish (Mexico), Korean, Spanish (Chile & Argentina), Spanish (Colombia), English (world), Italian, Spanish (Spain), Portuguese (Portugal), Dutch, Romanian, Complex Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese (Brazil)


Jim Curious, Voyage to the Heart of the Sea

  • Cozy in his diving suit, Jim Curious dives to explore the ocean deep. As soon as he goes underwater, the images spring to life in full 3D!

    Jim dives deeper, ever deeper, and we go with him into the world below, where he meets fish, monsters, and other even stranger creatures… But nothing stops him! He keeps diving, going back in time the deeper he goes: World War II shipwrecks, the remains of a galleon, the lost city of Atlantis… till he comes upon the most primitive forms of life, bizarre jellyfish and monsters of every stripe…


    Jim Curious is a textless story told entirely in pictures, aimed at readers of all ages. Each book comes with two pairs of 3D glasses, allowing children to read the book with their parents. Part art book, part graphic novel, this work recalls, in its imagery and craftsmanship, the stories of Jules Verne. The final two pages fold out to form a splash panorama.


    The exhibit designed to accompany the book—among our most spectacular—was shown in many countries (Germany, China, Mexico,  Taiwan, Portugal, Switzerland), and greatly helped its promotion.








    " A thouroughly immersive outing" - Kirkus Review


     "French illustrator Picard drafts intricate, densely hatched, scratchbook-style b&w illustrations that teem with undersea flora and fauna, all of which are a delight to pore over." - Publishers Weekly 


    "Told wordlessly, and illustrated in exuberantly detailed black and white, this isn't a tale for everyone, but it is beautiful, mysterious and unlike anything I've seen before." - Nara Shoenberg, Chicago Tribune


    "In this wordless picture book–esque graphic novel, Picard gets to the heart of visual storytelling with a beautifully illustrated 3-D deep sea adventure." - School Library Journal, starred review


    "The lush, expressive black-and-white, full-page illustrations in this wordless graphic novel would be thrilling enough on their own, but French graphic designer Picard has rendered them in glorious, artful 3-D. When Jim slips beneath the surface of the water, the pictures pop off the page, giving a lovely sense of depth to his deep sea dive."- Booklist

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