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author / illustrator: Sylvie Misslin / Charlotte Molas

ages: 7+

48 pages

24 x 32 cm


Josephine Baker: A Free Dancer

  • A vivid biography of the American-born French singer, dancer, actress, showgirl and Resistance fighter.


    1925. Josephine arrives in France. It is the beginning of an adventure that takes a little girl from Saint Louis, Missouri, in a whirlwind of cheerfulness and energy to become a huge star. She’s also the heroine of the Resistance,the mother of 12 children coming from all continents, the owner of an amusement park designed to promote tolerance and an activist committed to the fight against racial segregation.


    She did all of that with a large smile, always free and dancing. Her will and her passionate spirit command admiration in this lively account by Sylvie Misslin, wonderfully illustrated in a vintage and colourful style by Charlotte Molas.

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