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author / illustrator: Claude Clément, Magali Dulain

ages: 5+

32 pages 

22 x 28.5  cm


Les Éditions des Éléphants



  • A Christmas tale inspired by Czech folklore, conveying the values of hospitality, generosity and sharing.


    Milena and her grandmother live in a modest little wooden chalet in the in the Giants Mounts. On Christmas Day, in the icy blizzard, Milena meets a mysterious figure. He says he has no one to spend Christmas Eve with. Milena replies: "Come with me! We don't have much to offer you, but we'll light a big fire". When her bread crusts and her thin dry sausage turn into pretty pancakes and a beautiful roast turkey, the grandmother realised that they must be dealing with Krakonos...


    In Czech folklore, Krakonoš is used to frighten unruly children. Claude Clément gives him a benevolent aura, in this lovely Christmas tale highlighting hospitality and generosity.

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