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author/illustrator: Davide Cali, Sébastien Mourrain

ages: 4+

36 pages

17.3 x 22 cm



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: Korean, Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, Complex Chinese, Russian, English, French


Little Pea’s Drawing School

  • Enter an art school teaching the importance of individuality and seeing creativity in others.


    Little Pea is now an accomplished artist. One day, a friend encourages him to open a drawing school and help others tap into their creativity — what a marvelous idea! But as his students work hard to improve their skills and techniques with each passing class, Little Pea soon learns that one does not always recognize a great artist at first glance.



    “A beautifully illustrated story celebrating individual creativity and supporting one another.” — Youth Services Book Review


    “His insect students are inspired by his support of their efforts to be creative, and Little Pea’s Drawing School would be a beautiful way 
    for young readers to feel the same.” — Canadian Review of Materials





    Little Pea

    Little Pea’s Grand Journey

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