author/illustrator: Guénolée André/Clémentine Sourdais/Olivia Cosneau/Giulia Vetri

new title: Summer Fauna and Flora

ages: 6+

24 pages

22 x 30 cm

softcover with stickers


My Nature Notebook series

  • Decorate caterpillars, crabs and sea anemones, sharks and seaweeds, squirrels and owls, nightingales and swallows, different butterflies from around the world with colourful stickers. Fill the vivarium with insects, the underground of the forest with rabbits, foxes and moles, the trees with bright birds, the landscape with bright species. Discover and enjoy the wonderful world of nature, and learn a lot of information while sticking, drawing, colouring, answering the final quizz.

    About the new title: Summer Fauna and Flora

    Sunflowers to color and complete, chanterelles in stickers to pick up ... The child discovers the flora and fauna of summer. He harvests vegetables and seasonal fruits, he learns where a shooting star comes from, how a larva of a salamander is hidden...

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