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author / illustrator: Antonin Faure

ages: 2+

48 pages 

21 x 28 cm



Les Éditions des Éléphants

Nice try!

  • In the forest, the animals would like to eat... but no such luck! A masterfully composed book that humourously turns the law of nature on its head and proves that by sticking together and showing solidarity, you can overcome all difficulties.


    In this cumulative tale, the worm would like to eat the apple, the tit would like to eat the worm, the weasel would like to eat the tit, the snake would like to eat the weasel... Nice try! But one by one, the animals fail at getting their lunch. Is it just bad luck? Maybe not!


    By joining forces, they may have a better chance of scaring the biggest predator at the end of the story and finding something to eat... In the end, no one gets eaten, but everyone has a feast!


    The landscape unfolds like a long travelling shot, with the light changing as the day progresses and night falls, and expressive characters and funny situations can be found in Antonin Faure's beautiful and tender gouache and watercolour illustrations.

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