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author / illustrator: Anne Brouillard

ages: 3+

36 pages 

22 x 17 cm


Les Éditions des Éléphants

Sold: Simplified Chinese, Italian


  • A sweet story to read while cuddling your favourite soft toy, dealing with the importance of nature, the fear of the night which turns out to be just as precious as day time, and the interplay of the imagination and reality.

    Nobody has seen Nino, Simon’s teddy bear. It fell out of the buggy during a walk in the forest. Nobody except Rabbit, that is. So, along with his friends Squirrel and the coal tits, Rabbit helps Nino explore their beautiful and wild forest. Then at night, Nino has an unforgettable encounter with Fox and discovers nocturnal life… The next day, Simon is overjoyed to find his teddy bear lying on the ground. “How strange,” his mummy says, “Nino is not even wet…”.


    Anne Brouillard was born in Belgium in 1967. She studied art at Saint-Luc in Brussels. She has written sixty or so books and is renowned for her unique and poetic style. She has won multiple awards, such as Bologna Book Fair prizes, the Golden Apple and the Biennial of Illustration Bratislava and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation ‘Grand Prix Triennal de Littérature de Jeunesse’.






    Night Explorers

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