Anne Richardson, ill. by Andrea Antinori

Tra publishing, US

Hardcover / 68 Pages / 23.5 x 30.5 cm

Ages: 6+

Sold: Simplified Chinese, Complex Chinese, Korean, Spanish

Octopuses Have Zero Bones

  • A counting book by ones and powers of ten featuring real-world examples to marvel at and wonder about.

    Do you know… 
    How many bones an octopus has?
    How many breaths you take a day?
    How many times a black bear’s heart beats each hour?
    How many moons Mars has?
    How many miles a trip to the moon and back is? How about a trip to Saturn?
    How many leaves are on an oak tree?
    How many meters there are between you and the clouds?
    What happens when you keep adding zeroes to the end of numbers?

    The answers to all these questions appear in this book, along with many more amazing facts that celebrate the numbers zero to nine and powers of ten numbers ten to nine billion. Combining elements of traditional and advanced counting books with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world 


    -   A creative counting book: The author and illustrator make counting concepts fun with amazing and quirky facts

    -   A unique maths concept: Not many illustrated books focus on powers of ten specifically; this book stands out and will be an excellent classroom asset