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author/illustrator: Philippe Nessmann/Camille Nicolazzi

ages: 3+

32 pages

21 x 27.5 cm


Once Upon a House

  • There was a large house in which plenty of animals lived in peace, until one of them decided to cut the branches of the tree where the orangutan used to sleep. The day after, the orangutan had disappeared… This ecological tale deals with the impact of humans on biodiversity and the open positive ending shows that it is all in our hands. On the final spread, the various threats to biodiversity are simply explained to young readers with concrete examples from the story.


    Rights sold: German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese

    Shorlisted for the 2020 UNICEF book award

    Recommended in the Plano Nacional de Leitura Ler + 2027 (Portuguese Ministry of Education), and Selo Caminhos de Leitura (Portugal)

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