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author/illustrator: Anouk Mahiout, Marjolaine Perreten

ages: 5+

44 pages

20.5 x 24 cm  



Comme des géants (Canada)

Sold: French (world)

Pauline and the Zipoclic - Series - vol.2

  • In the second volume of this popular comic series, Pauline discovers the true value of human relationships in our consumerist society.


    The newest toy craze, the Zipoclic, is making waves in the schoolyard, sending children into a frenzy— and Pauline is completely spellbound! She insists that her parents buy her the popular toy, but they remain firm and don’t get swept up in all the hype.


    But when Pauline gets her first pair of glasses, she’s tempted to trade them for her object of desire. Can Pauline distinguish what she wants from what she needs?


    • A Place for Pauline, the first volume of the series won the Quebec Booksellers' Award 2021 (comic book's category).



    “Without being preachy, this lovely comic encourages children to consider the value of objects and, above all, that of friendship.”
    La Presse

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