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author / illustrator: Nadine Mouchetand Valérie Combes / Charlotte Gastaut

ages: 3+

22 pages

17 x 23 cm


Sold: Spanish (South Am.), Simp. Chinese, Estonian

Tell Me About Love

  • Tell me about love series



    A book that helps answer the questions little children ask themselves.



    Kids share Gaspard and Margot’s day to day lives. Together, adults and children lift the flaps to discover different situations and answers. Young readers learn names of body parts, discover the pleasures of being independent, observe adults around them and see how a baby grows in a mother’s womb.


    "Written by a journalist and a clinical psychologist, each book adapts to the knowledge and the perceptions of the reader. The vocabulary, the design, and the format - with tab, for an easy access to each different chapter - and even the layout vary according the child's age. A well achieved series, that replies clearly to great questions and can be used as a basis for talks between parents and children." (Nantes livres Jeunes)

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