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author/illustrator: Daniele Catalli

ages: 8+

46 pages

25 x 32,5 cm


Sold: Italian

Award: 2018 Nuit du livre award

The Battle of the Frogs and the Mice

  • A picture book that powerfully denounces the absurdity of war, with stunning die-cut scenes. The War of the Frogs and the Mice or Batrachomyomachia is attributed to Homer. Daniele Catalli has adapted this story about one day during which violence irrationally grows until a deadly end.


    "A frog, looking sly, swam to the river bank. It spit on the ground, then croaked :

    — This is the kingdom of the frogs. I, Joufelu, son of Paludeux and Hydroméduse, am the king.

    The mouse looked at the frog, sizing it up :

    — I’m not just any mouse, my name is Grippemiette, son of Croquepain, king of all rodents, and of the noble lady Lèchemeule in the white coat."


    Following a misunderstanding, the kingdom of mice declares war on the frogs. Despite the intervention of Placidus Von Swamp, the wisest and most respected frog, songs of war, hate and violence get the upper hand. At the end of the day, the frogs declare themselves victorious and so do the mice. This useless war has brought only death and desolation.


    A beautiful book with direct tones bringing light to the colours and die-cuts: From the first page, elements of the last page of this die-cut book appear through the die-cuts on each spread. 


    By the same illustrator: HOKUSAI AND MOUNT FUJI

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